In this soccer coaching game, players move at walking pace like Robocop – but with a ball. The main objectives are to improve communication, co-ordination and getting a feel for distances.

Use an area 50 yards long by 30 yards wide with a coned off target zone in each goalmouth. Use two teams of six players.

Soccer coaching game called Robocop


The rules

  • One player stands in each goalmouth to act as a target for the attacking team. They also serve the ball for the other team to counter attack.
  • The ball is thrown and caught between team mates to reach the target player.
  • Players move with the ball at walking speed. They can pass freely and must pass if tagged by an opponent.
  • Opponents can only win the ball from an intercepted throw or if the ball is dropped.
  • Speed walking is allowed.
  • A point can be scored by reaching the target player from a designated third of the pitch, or after a minimum number of passes to encourage team play.
  • Be firm with the “no running” rule.
  • Players must take time to be accurate with their throws. Any form of throw is allowed – overarm, underarm or proper throw-in technique.

How to progress the game

  • Allow the ball to be headed rather than caught if this will gain an advantage.
  • Allow the attacking team to throw or head the ball into the goal rather than pass to the target player. In this instance the target player becomes the goalkeeper and tries to save.

Click the link to order a copy of Fun Soccer Games for 5 to 8 Year Olds, written by Keith Boanas, an English Football Association Coach Educator.

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