Set up

Set up

  • Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum)
  • Two teams of four players
  • Divide the pitch into two halves
  • No goals


  • To start, pass a ball into one of the teams, and call for a player from the other team to go into that half and defend.
  • If the team in possession manages to make five passes, call for another player to go and defend in a 4v2 situation.
  • If the ball is dispossessed then the game transfers to the opposite half and the roles are reversed.
  • The player guilty of losing possession must now run and defend in the other half.
  • The winning team is the one that has all four of their opponents in their half and manages to make five passes.


64 small-sided games key

Half field possession - part 1

The aim of the game is to keep the ball against increasing pressure.

Half field possession - part 2

As the number of defenders increases the passing must be very accurate or they’ll lose possession…

Half field possession - part 3

…at which point possession and roles switch to the other half.


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