Shooting breakout


Two teams compete to win in this neat small-sided game by outscoring each other. However, this game has a twist with the breakout factor giving one team the chance to score an additional goal as well as presenting the opposition with a quick overload situation.

Set up

  • Pitch 60yds x 30yds
  • Three goals, one is placed 20yds outside the main pitch

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

The group is split into two teams of six including a goalkeeper. One team is numbered in odds and the other team is numbered in evens

The two teams play a normal game inside the main pitch. This game is controlled by you, serving a ball into the pitch when a goal is scored or when the ball leaves the pitch.

On your number call, that player must run out of the main pitch and receive a pass from you in order to shoot at goal. The shooter is limited to two touches.

The player must then turn and race back into the main pitch as this game continues with the player’s team one player down until the player gets back into the pitch.


  • The game is played for ten minutes
  • Each player is called out of the pitch on one occasion to run and shoot
  • The main game continues when the shooting situation occurs. You are in control of playing a new ball into the main pitch if the ball leaves play. You also serve the ball for the breakout player to shoot
  • Goals in the main game count as one goal, goals in the breakout also count as one goal
  • Players cannot return to the main pitch until they have scored
  • The team with the most goals is declared the winner


Here the attacker must attempt to go around the goalkeeper before scoring. Although this increases the chance of scoring it also increases the time that the player’s team are a man down in the main game.


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Shooting breakout - part 1

The red team is numbered in odd numbers, the white team is given even numbers.

Shooting breakout - part 2

On your number call, the player with that number rushes out of the pitch and collects a ball to shoot.

Shooting breakout - part 3

The player then rushes back onto the main pitch as their team is one player down until they return.

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