Simple support

This is a simple 4v4 game where clever link play or individual skill will create a goalscoring opportunity due to the numbers on the pitch and the space available. It also helps in taking on the keeper in 1v1 counterattacks, using clever skills to score.

Set up

Set up an area of 20×20 yards split into two zones. We’ve used eight players including goalkeepers.

How to play

Split your players into two teams of four, with each team having a goalkeeper, two defenders and an attacker. The attackers must stay in their zones and the defenders can go anywhere. Start with one of the goalkeepers, who must play out to a defender in the defensive zone. It is a quick game played for 10 minutes. Change the attackers at regular intervals.


This is a great game for getting attackers to try all sorts of different ways to beat the opposition with clever passes, shots or skills. As a fast game you can see the touches and the control your players have and it will help them focus on control and technique.

    1. The game starts with a pass out from one of the goalkeepers to a player in his half of the pitch
    2. The defenders must pass and support the lone striker and use combination play on their way to goal

    3. It will take good skills and support play for the attacker to create a goal for himself
    4. The attackers must stay in their opponents’ half of the pitch, as this helps them understand where they should position themselves in a match

    5. Here the attacker is in the ideal position to take advantage of his defender winning the ball and playing an early pass to him
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