Small sided game for crossing skills

In this small-sided soccer game you are looking for good crosses from the wide players, which can create scoring opportunities. Because the game is essentially 2v2, the defending team will have to work extra hard to block crosses.

Set up the game

  • Use a pitch around 30 x 20 yards, with two teams of four players.
  • Two players from each team are on the pitch, the other two on either side of it in advanced positions.
  • You also need to use two keepers.
  • The central players are involved in a 2v2 game but can use their wide players to their advantage when in possession of the ball.

Small sided soccer game to get players using crossing skills

  • The wide players might make a return pass or maybe cross for an attempt on goal.
  • The wide players can only use two touches on the ball.
  • The game is played for a set time period before the wide and central players switch positions.

Advance the soccer skills

This game can be progressed to a continuous game in which the central player that passes out to a wide player must go out and change positions with them. The wide player now dribbles onto the main pitch.

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