Small sided game for quick feet

If you are coaching quick feet in your soccer (football) training session, this is a good small-sided game to use at the end of the session to hammer home the skills and techniques you’ve been coaching. It is simple to set up and gives you the chance to see if what you’ve been coaching is having an effect.

You will find your young soccer players enjoy games like this, which is a positive way to send them home after training knowing they are itching for your next soccer coaching session.

Play the game

In this game both teams must try and win the ball and keep it. A goal is awarded to the team that completes a certain number of passes – a minimum of five depending on age etc.

  • Play for around 10 minutes.
  • Set up a 30 yard x 20 yard pitch.
  • Use two teams of four players.
  • No goals.
  • No keepers.
  • No offsides.
  • If the ball leaves play you can restart the game by the coach passing a ball onto the pitch or the players can roll it in, throw it in or pass it in.

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