Small sided game to focus on last five minutes of a match

Nothing hurts more than losing it in the last five minutes of your soccer (football) game. To coach your players in the tactics to avoid this pitfall, use the following small-sided soccer game.

Tell your players to imagine there are only five minutes left to go in the Cup Final and you are leading Manchester United 1-0…

What will your youngsters do in this situation? This small-sided soccer game uses a fun, role-playing scenario where the team have to decide the best way to play in a given situation.

It encourages players to work as a team and to work to an agreed game plan.

Set up the soccer game

  • Mark out a small pitch, 40 yards x 20 yards.
  • Use cones to mark a goal at each end of the pitch.
  • Divide your players into two teams of four.
  • Chose one team to be your club and one to be Manchester United and tell them the score and how long there is to go.

How to play the game

Tell your players it is a standard 4 v 4 game with no keepers. Players must either kick or dribble the ball onto the pitch when it has gone out of play. Tell them they have to decide how to play it: whether to defend or go for glory.

How to change the game

After playing the game, you can change the teams around, so all players get the chance to play out both sides of the “game”.

Mix up the players in each team so players get to play with different members of the group.

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