Running with the ball in a game

In this small-sided game players get rewarded for holding onto the ball and running with it. The team that covers the most ground will score the most points. Divide the pitch up so players know where the points are scored.

To set up the game

Set up a 40 x 30 yard pitch with no goals and four players on each team.

Small sided soccer game, 4v4, to get your players running with the ball
How to score

  • Players score points for running with the ball, but the player with the ball must run one complete quarter – so grey starts at line A and must pass to someone in space or go himself to at least line B, then he makes the decision to run for line C or pass to another player in that sector.
  • The grey team must try and get one of their players running in possession with the ball over the line, E. Their opponents must try to win the ball and get over line A. Teams get five points for this.

To extend the skills

To stop teams standing all their players on the back line, award two points for crossing into the opponents’ half, so both teams get points for crossing line C. Award three points if the grey team gets across D or white team across B. This should encourage both teams to defend from the front.

  • Players must be in control of the ball when they cross the line to score points.
  • When possession is lost, play goes back to the start.
  • Throw-ins are taken when the ball goes out of play (no corner-kicks) otherwise the normal rules of the game apply.
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