Small sided game to stop opponents getting the ball

Small-sided soccer games are a great way to get your young soccer players developing their core soccer skills. This is a good one to use when you’re coaching players how to stop their opponents from stealing the ball.

This small-sided soccer game is a 4v4 possession game with passers and defenders.

Set up the soccer (football) game

  • Use a 15m x 15m square marked out by cones. Mark out a larger square around it.
  • Two teams of four players.
  • No goals

Play the game

  • One soccer team acts as the passing team.
  • One team is the defending team.
  • The passing team spread out in the 15m x 15m area.
  • The defending team starts with just one player in the area to make it 4v1. The other three wait in the larger square outside the marked area.
  • After 30 seconds an extra defender is added to make the game 4v2, then another for 4v3 and then 4v4.
  • The game is played for two minutes.
  • The passing team counts the number of passes made, then the soccer teams rotate and the new passing team tries to beat the number of passes made by their opponents.


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