Small sided soccer drill with touchdown twist

This small-sided soccer game encourages soccer (football) players to use the full width of the pitch because they are not focused on scoring in a goal. It’s like scoring a touchdown in American football or a try in rugby except that players have to work on their dribbling skills and keep the ball at their feet.

This is a small-sided soccer game to get your soccer (football) players running with the ball and creating space to run through and score.

small-sided soccer game to get your players running with ball

Small-sided game set up

  • Set up a 30 x 20 yard pitch with two teams of four players.
  • No goals, but you need two end zones, 10 yards in at either end of the pitch.

Run the game

  • The aim of this small-sided soccer game is to score a goal by dribbling out and stopping the ball in the end zone.
  • The soccer (football) team that scores the “goal” now turns and attacks the opposite end-zone.
  • If one team is dominating the game, then change the teams around to get more balance.

Small-sided games are recommended as one of the best ways to coach soccer skills. Order a copy of 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games to give you all you need to run successful coaching sessions based on this system.

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