Small sided soccer game for possession

A small-sided soccer game that pits possession against pressure.

Small-sided soccer game set up

  • This game is all about one team keeping the ball and the other putting pressure on and winning the ball to create goal-scoring chances.
  • You can use soccer (football) teams of 6v6.
  • One team is on the pitch passing the ball around – the team in possession – the other team is off the pitch ready to run on – the team putting on pressure.
  • The two goalkeepers must stay in goal, because when the pressure team come onto the pitch they can score in either goal.
  • On your whistle, the soccer team off the pitch run onto it and try to win the ball and score a goal.
  • The passing team must keep possession and can use both goalkeepers to help them.
  • The pressuring team have 30 seconds to win the ball and score. If they cannot, the passing team get the goal.
  • Play for 10 minutes then rotate the teams.

For more small-sided soccer games ideas, click here to order a copy of 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games, written by Michael Beale, Chelsea FC academy coach.

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