Small sided soccer game for shielding and ball control

This is a great small-sided soccer game to get players used to playing against more or less players. It gives them a chance to use their shielding and ball control soccer skills. It’s also a fun game with a competitive edge to keep players motivated.
Small-sided game set up

  • Mark out a circle of about 25 yards in diameter using cones or markers.
  • Two teams of four players.
  • No goals.
  • Each team has one player on the pitch and three players on the outside.

Small-sided game to work on ball control and shielding

Rules of the game

  • To start the game, pass a ball into the pitch.The two soccer (football) players compete for possession.
  • The player who wins the ball attempts to pass out to a team-mate.
  • If successful, the team-mate enters the soccer pitch to make a 2v1.
  • The winning team is the first to have all four players on the pitch and complete six consecutive passes.


Small-sided games are recommended as one of the best ways to coach your players in soccer skills. Michael Beale’s 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games has all you need to run successful coaching sessions based on this system. Click here to order a copy.

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