Small sided soccer game to boost quick thinking skills

If you have been working on getting your soccer (football) players to practise quick throw-ins during training, why not round the session off with a quick 4v4 game to put their quick-thinking throw-in skills to the test.

Small-sided game set up

  • Set up a pitch around 30 x 20 yards.
  • Use two teams of four soccer (football) players.
  • Use the nearest soccer player to the goal as the keeper, but only one player can claim to be the keeper on each attack.
  • What you are looking for is quick throw-ins and free-kicks – you can be quite liberal with your free-kick whistle.
  • Explain to your players that there will be a lot of free-kicks. Sometimes a foul will not have been committed but the players are in good positions to take advantage.
  • It is up to the coach to make sure he is aware of these situations occurring and blow his whistle as necessary.
  • No goal kicks, restart with a kick out from the goal line.

Small-sided game to get players thinking quickly about throw-ins

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