Small sided soccer game to change shooting angles

Using different soccer pitch set-ups can help make your coaching easier. You can get the pitch to do the hard work while you watch and talk to your players about how they are performing during their small-sided soccer games.

This small-sided soccer game uses an ice hockey set-up, so the players can run behind the goal.

The idea behind this exercise is that it changes the angles players are trying to use to score goals and changes the build-up play because players will use the sides to get the ball around the back of the goal.

small sided soccer game

Small-sided soccer game set up

  • Set up a 30 x 20 yards pitch with two goals made from cones at either end about five yards in from the back line at each end.
  • Use two goalkeepers because this is also a good soccer skills workout to get your goalkeeper to have ‘eyes in the back of his head’ because he has to defend his goal from both sides.
  • The only rule other than normal is that the players can score from in front of or behind the goal.
  • Play the small-sided soccer game for a set time of five or ten minutes each way, depending on the age of your players and how tired they are.

Small-sided soccer games are recommended as one of the best ways to coach your players soccer skills. 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games has all you need to run successful soccer coaching sessions based on this system. Click here to order.

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