Small sided soccer game to get players reacting to extra numbers

This small-sided soccer game from Michael Beale, Chelsea FC academy coach, is designed to help your team cope when playing with an extra player or against an extra player.  They need to be able to react quickly in situations where they are the lone player in a 2 v 1 or respond with quick passing when they outnumber the opposition players.

Set up the soccer (football) game

  • Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum).
  • Two teams of four players.
  • Two goalkeepers.
  • If the ball leaves play, pass a new ball onto the pitch.

Play the game

  • To start the soccer game, the first player on the black team enters the pitch and has three touches to score against the white goalkeeper.
  • Immediately after this ball has been played, two white team players enter the pitch to create a 2 v 1 situation against the black player.
  • The game continues until all the players are on the pitch. The series of attacks is as follows:

Black V White
1 V Gk
1 V 2
3 V 2
3 V 4
4 V 4

  • When all the players are on the pitch, the game continues for a set time period.
  • The next game starts with the white team attacking first.

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