Small sided soccer game to get through to lone striker

One of the most important areas of youth soccer is the through ball to the attacker who has got beyond the
defenders. Use this small-sided soccer game to get players practising attacking to get the ball through to the attacker.

Soccer drill to practise attacking to get through ball to attacker

Getting the ball to your goal scorer

This is my youngest son’s best position. He has the ability to move unseen behind the defenders, pounce on the through ball and crash it into the net.

All teams need to have a player who can float beyond the defenders, get the ball and strike into the goal.This small-sided game is all about being accurate with passes to the lone striker.

Set up a small-sided soccer game

  • Use the area from the halfway line to the goal area for this game. Or you can use around three-quarters of a 7-a-side pitch.
  • Tell your attackers to pass the ball to the forward who is beyond the small goals.
  • Tell that attacker he has to turn and finish with two touches.
  • The defending team must try and win the ball and cross the halfway line while all the attackers drop back and try to keep them from crossing the halfway line.

Key soccer (football) coaching points

  • Passing through the small goals must be accurate.
  • The attacking team must pass and move to create space to get the ball to the forward.
  • First-touch control by the goalside attacker is vital.

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