Michael Beale’s multi-ball SSG

If your team hasn’t won a match for a while, you need to get your players back to basics and working on their core skills. The best way to get them playing with confidence again is to use small-sided games and fun drills. Don’t preach at your team or lose your temper with them, simply get them working on passing, tackling and shooting skills.

Set up

Set up a 30 yard x 20 yard pitch, and use two teams of four players. You need a goalkeeper at each end in a normal sized goal. Both teams start with two balls – there are no offsides.

How to play it

When you blow your whistle, both teams should enter the pitch, and immediately attack with two balls and defend against two balls. The game continues until all the balls have left the pitch.

Continue playing after this by feeding five more balls, one at a time, to replace the ones that have gone.

When all the balls have been played the winner is the team with most goals.

1. You need to be ready to attack and defend at the same time

2. While you are trying to score the opposition is doing exactly the same

3. Now there is only one ball in play. Who can win possession and score?

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