Small sided soccer game to improve young players awareness on pitch

When young players are involved in matches they often lose their position and their soccer sense. To help your players with this problem, organise a fast, constantly moving game in training where players must think about position, action and direction.
soccer small sided game to get players used to remembering position, direction and action

How to set up and coach it

  • You need a 30 yard x 20 yard pitch. Use two teams of four players, and four mini goals. Create a triangle in the centre. One team defends the triangle, the other team defends the four mini goals.
  • The team defending the triangle goal must nominate a goalkeeper, while the other three players try to pressure and win the ball.
  • Play for 15 minutes then reverse the roles.


Advance the session

To advance this session, take away two goals and tell both teams they are attacking and defending the goals. The triangle becomes a “prison” for a floating midfielder who only plays for the team that has the ball – the attacking team.

During an attack at least one of the passes must be to the floating midfielder, so when the black team attacks they have two extra players making a 5v3, which makes the position of the white team around the triangle vital to defending the move.

When the white team attacks, the ball must still go to the floating midfielder who is now on their side. The attacking team can pass to the midfielder at any stage in the attack, but they must use him to score in one of the two goals.

The black team must exploit the 5v3 while the defending white team must work hard to win the ball and get their midfielder back.

Key soccer coaching tips:

When on the attack, always move to receive the ball and keep up the pressure;

When on defence, always be ready to counter attack using the midfielder.

Put the ball into play quickly on a restart; don’t unnecessarily give your opponent time to organise towards a more favourable position to defend.

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