Soccer coaching game to build defending skills

This fun soccer (football) coaching game uses elements of rugby in order to teach your young players group defending skills.

Encourage the nearest player to pressure the ball then, once the ball has been passed, to get back in line.

Soccer (football) drills using hand ball to teach defending skills
Player movement and ball movement bar


Set up the game

  1. Set up a 30 yard x 20 yard area with six cones down either side of the marked out area.
  2. Players are divided into two teams and have to run with the ball in their hands and score by running through the gates while in possession.
  3. The players may pass the ball by throwing it to a team-mate to avoid interceptions by the opposition.
  4. To tackle an opponent you must touch him with both hands and you are given the ball.

Players must work as a team to cover and pressure their opponents with the ball.

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