Soccer coaching game to work on heading skills

Use this fun soccer coaching game to give your players confidence when they’re heading the ball and improve their ability to anticipate headers.
With this game, players have to look before they head the ball, so they know where it is going. It also helps players anticipate when to let the ball bounce to give themselves more time to place the header and when to play it early to catch opponents out.

Players love a game like this, you have winners and losers, skills and techniques, just like the elements of a soccer match.

After you have played this game a few times you will notice better direction and better anticipation when your players are defending or attacking with headers in matches.

How you play it:

  • Arrange your players into two teams of varied ability.
  • Get the players to serve the ball with a half volley.
  • The teams are only allowed one bounce before returning the ball and each player is only allowed three touches.
  • The game is played for a set time or until a number of points has been reached.

soccer game to get players anticipating when to head the ball

You can play this soccer coaching game more than one way, here are three others to use at different soccer coaching sessions:

1 Continuous rally – the players form two lines. The ball is served over and one by one they make a shot over the net and run around to join the opposite side. The aim is to try and see how long the rally lasts.

2 Wimbledon – the players form two lines. Each player plays as an individual. The players take it in turns to knock the ball over the net and then run around to the opposite side. If you make a mistake or a point is scored against you, then you’re out. Eventually you have a 1v1 finale.

3 Team knock out – two teams but now if you make a mistake or happen to be the closest to the ball when a point is scored, then you are out. Therefore the game starts with equal teams but as players are knocked out it becomes an overload advantage to one team. The winning team is the one that eliminates all their opponents.

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