Soccer heading skills game

As a follow-on from coaching the Heading skills soccer drill, try putting your players’ skill into a game situation. This game gives your players more opportunity to attack with their headers but at the same time keeps the drill simple so they concentrate on their position and technique.
It is a useful tip to remember that heading a thrown ball is easier than heading a kicked one, but it is harder to get power behind a thrown ball, so your players will have to use good technique to make it work for them.

game plan to show players throwing the ball in a throw, head, catch sequence

Tips for throw, head, catch game

Set up a 30 yard x 20 yard pitch with two goals. This is ideal for two teams of four.

Both teams put a player in goal when defending but have all players out on the pitch when attacking.

Both teams attempt to score using attacking headers but can only move the ball by using the following soccer drill sequence:

  • The first player throws the ball to a second teammate who heads it to a third teammate who catches the ball.
  • Once thrown, the other team can win the ball back by ‘out-heading’ their opponents, or intercepting the ball with their hands in the ‘catching’ phase.



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