Steal The Ball

Here’s a great game that improves ball control, as well as practising communication, shielding the ball and supporting play. Players need to be alert and listen out for their number to be called by the coach – will they remember it!

How to play it

  • Create two 20×10-yard boxes with a two-yard space in between.
  • Split your players into two teams and give them numbers. It’s one team per playing area and I’ve used four players per team in the example given, but you can alter depending on the number of players present.
  • To begin, players pass the ball to each player in number order – so 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc.
  • After a few minutes, call a number. The two players with that number (one on each team) run into the other team’s playing area and attempt to steal the ball. Whoever steals first gets a point for his team.
  • Players then return to their teams.
  • When all the numbers have been called, the team with the most points wins.

Technique & tactics

  • Encourage your players to move immediately after passing and tell them to use the whole of the playing area.
  • When a number is called, that player must move quickly to the other side, anticipating the next pass rather than chasing after the man with the ball.
  • We can vary the practice by calling two numbers at once, and might award a bonus point if the ball can be stolen in less than five seconds. Also think about restricting the number of touches per player.

steal the ball part1

steal the ball part2

steal the ball part3

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