Stop the special one

When one player on the opposition is running the game make sure your players know how to mark him/her and stop the team taking advantage.

Set up

On a pitch 40×30 yards set up two full size goals. You need 18 players 2 goalkeepers, bibs and balls

How to play it

Set up each team in threes plus a goalkeeper. One of the threes are the special ones. The red team plus a special player attacks a pair of blue players, the special player is the only player who can score. The blue team send two players to defend. Once the attack has ended either by a shot or a goal from the special player or the blues clear the ball then the blue team attacks with a special player. If the blue team wins the ball they can also counter attack and they can use a special player.


Transitions are very important here and should be done at speed. First defender goes to the ball and the second supports the press. On transition players must move quickly to cover or to counter. Because the special player is the only one who can score the defenders must cover that player.

1. The teams start in the 2v2 with the special player and try to score a goal
2. Immediately the teams must be aware and be ready to defend and try to win the ball

3. The red special player is denied a goal and the shot is cleared away

4. The red team failed to score and now they must defend the attack from the blue team and the blue special player while the red special player must go off

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