Strikers winning 1v1s

A clever striker can find space with ease when he goes 1v1 with the opposition defenders – get past the defender and your free to attack the goal. Try this session to get your players scoring more goals.

Why use it

This involves making use of overload situations in your players’ favour, and finding space to score goals in 1v1 situations.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. For my session I have used one main pitch of 20 x 20 yards and four smaller pitches on each corner 5 x 5 yards. You need 2 goals on each pitch. If you have target goals use them on the small pitch with bigger goals on the main pitch – use what you have and make goals from cones etc. we used 16 players.

How to do it

Start with at 4v4 on the main pitch and four 1v1s on the smaller pitch. If a player on the small pitch scores two goals he can join the main game, the loser joins the 1v1 next to him to create a 2v1 – if the 2 man team scores one goes on the pitch the other battles again in a 1v1. The winner of the main game wins the tournament. Play for 10 minutes and make sure every player takes part in a 1v1.


Lots to watch for, shooting skills, 1v1 skills to beat a player, overload and use of tactics.

Striker 1v1s

    1. Play 1v1s in the small areas and play a 4v4 in the main area
    2. In the 1v1 areas it’s first to two goals then the winner joins the main group and the loser joins another 1v1 to make a 2v1

Winning the 1v1s

    3. If the 2 player team wins the game one of them joins in the main battle and the other stays for the 1v1
    4. In the main area as the overloads change teams must try to score before the opposition get more players

Winning 1v1s

    5. Here the team holds onto the ball with good passing and takes advantage of having more players
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