The George Best Game

This game is named after the late George Best – one of the most skilful players ever to grace the game.

It is designed to encourage a quick passing style of play plus the freedom to dribble and run at defenders when in the final third.

Age group: U8 – U14

Set up: create a 30×20 playing area divided into horizontal thirds with a goal at each end.

Divide your players into two teams of five or six.

George Best Game image

How to play: Players in their defensive or middle third of the pitch are restricted to three touches of the ball before they must pass.

In the final third (the third of the pitch nearest their opponents goal) they can take unlimited touches.

When the ball goes out of play the game is restarted with a kick in that must be taken in four seconds or less.

Goalkeepers must roll the ball out, again within four seconds.

Play first to X number of goals or play for a set time.

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