The enforcer

If you want your players to understand the role of the midfield enforcer, try this challenging game to teach them how to win back possession.

Why use it

This game helps the defending midfielder to know his role in the team and gets him to boss the midfield in matches. When applying pressure, it gives the player opportunities to intercept passes or force mistakes.

Set up

Mark out a 30×30-yard area and use eight players plus a goalkeeper. You need balls, bibs, cones anda goal.

How to play

One team, comprising agoal keeper, three defenders and a midfield enforcer, defends the goal against three attackers – the spare attacker becomes a targetman for the defending team to get the ball to. If they do it scores a goal for them. Play six attacks then switch the teams around.


Having an extra defender allows the enforcer to put pressure on opponents at all times. The enforcer’s role in the team is to stop opponent’s attacks by applying pressure and making tackles. He plays just in front of the defence and is often the first resistance an opposition attack faces.

    1. The Enforcer gives an overload to the defending team allowing him to close down and try to break up attacks
    2. Three players attack – one becomes a target player for the defending team to aim for. They try and win the ball and play it to the target man to score a goal

    3. The Enforcer has a license to go wherever the ball is and try to win it. This makes it a tough session for the enforcer so make sure the teams are switched every six attacks
    4. If the ball goes out of play or a shot misses the goal, play restarts with the attacking team and one go is lost

    5. It is important that when the defending team wins the ball, the enforcer takes part in the team’s attack to help in the build-up process because this is part of his job
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