Throw-in frenzy

Use this game to encourage and improve the use of quick throw-ins to gain an advantage.


Set up

Area: Use a 50×40 yards pitch with a goal at each end. Two eight-yard square boxes on each side, 10 yards from the goal line.

Players: 12.

Equipment: Balls, cones, two goals.

The rules

  • Two players from each team are put into the boxes at the end they are attacking. The remaining players play in the main area.
  • To score, a team must pass to one of the boxed players, who catches the ball or picks it up and looks to take a legal throw-in quickly.
  • The attacking team tries to create a goalscoring opportunity from the throw-in before the defending team can get organised.
  • Rotate the players in the boxes at regular intervals.


Allow the receiver to play the ball back to the thrower, who can then cross or shoot.

The thrower can now join in by exiting the box with or without the ball. How do players react to this?


Before playing this game, you might want to make sure your players are all aware how to take a legal throw-in and give them a chance to show you their technique.

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