U10s game for passing and support play

This session is all about having support on both sides of the pitch when the opposition are pressing and blocking passing routes to the goal. It also helps stop that awful play down the centre of the pitch when 9 and 10 year olds get drawn in to a battle of the middle ground.

In this game play goes wide and opens up the centre of the pitch so there is more creative play and both teams have to work hard to win the ball.

U10s passing support play

  1. Use the centre circle of a full size pitch or mark out an 18 yard circle with cones. Put a target goal on each side of the circle.
  2. You need two teams of four players with two players on the pitch and two players on the outside of the circle in the half they are attacking. The players on the outside can move between the opposition goal and the halfway line and look to receive a pass.
  3. Play a game without keepers. The ball has to be passed to one of the players on the outside of the circle before the team can shoot at goal. This represents wide players passing into the attackers during a match and is something all strikers must practise.
  4. The players on the outside of the pitch can only play one-touch – if they are finding this difficult you can give them two touches, one to control and one to pass.
  5. Play the game for four periods of 2 minutes – after each period the players on the pitch swap roles with their team mates on the outside.

This session come from EasiCoach Soccer Skills Activities for U9-U10. If you’re looking for more age-specific games and activities then click here to take at a look at the EasiCoach curriculum.

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