U11s Killer Pass Game

The killer pass – Barcelona are the experts at this … think Neymar to Messi!

This game encourages players to play a deadly pass through the defence and it also helps players make a killer run – so you are coaching on the ball and off the ball movement.

This game coaches the runner as well as the passer. Coach players to be patient… see a space make the pass.

U11s Killer Pass Game

1. Set up a 30 x 30 yards area with a 2 x 2 yards area in the centre. Split your players into three defenders and six attackers.

2. The defenders only need to touch the ball to score a point, while the attackers must pass a ball to a team mate in the square to score.

3. Players cannot wait in the square, they can only go there to receive a pass. The important thing here is that the pass and the run must be timed to work together so the point is scored.

4. If the players struggle to make the pass, make the square bigger.

5. Timing of the runs are vital to the success of the session – a killer pass needs a killer run to make it work!

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