Use small sided games to score

Use this fast, small-sided game to practise turning defence into attack and boost your goal-scoring opportunities.
Turning defence into attack

If you have a problem where your team is not taking advantage when they win the ball to turn defence into attack, you can use this soccer drill to sort it out. Using a long, narrow layout with small goals funnels the players into fast, direct attack through the middle of the pitch. Attacking small goals needs swift passing to break the defenders down and create opportunities to score. If your team can do it in training, watch them go in matches.

Soccer coaching tips

  • Forget off-sides – leave that to another soccer drill – they get in the way of what you are trying to teach. Throw-ins, corners all get in the way.
  • Have helpers placed around the pitch to keep the game going by throwing balls in when one goes out. This makes for a fast training drill and one the players find great fun, while it helps boost their soccer brains.

image shows small sided game for fast passing and break from defence to attack

Take advantage of turnovers quickly, to create fast passing football using 4v4 in your training sessions.

Drill set up tips

  • Use a long narrow field, 55m x 11m, with a small goal at each end. No goalkeepers.
  • Restarts are a dribble or pass from in front of the player’s own goal.
  • If teams cannot bring the ball out initially, have one of the defenders start out in a poor position, which creates a 4v3 for a short period, or start the play 10 yards out from goal.

Click here for a 2v2 small-sided game.


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