World Cup decisions

Use this fun World Cup themed game to teach your players to make quick decisions in a game. It will test teams with several different attacking and defending scenarios.

Why use it

Young players find it difficult to make quick decisions in a game, so getting them used to thinking quickly is vital.

Set up

Use 40×30-yard area with a halfway line. Make five cards with player combinations and write down the points for each: 1v1=5pts; 3v2=4pts; 4v2=3pts; 2v1=2pts; 3v1=1pt. We’ve used 10 players.

How to do it

Use two keepers and two teams of four. Give the teams World Cup names like Brazil and England and tell them they’re playing the World Cup final. Name the captains too.
The defending team has two players beside each goal and the attackers are at the halfway line. The captain of the attacking team must look at each goal and decide which card to play. Each goal scores the points on the card.
The captain nominates an end to attack and says how many defenders can enter. If a goal is scored, the attackers target the other end in the same combination until they miss or until the defenders put the ball out of play, then they play the next card. Each player must be involved at least twice. Once all cards are played swap roles.


This is a fun game with decisions and needs players to concentrate on a number of different scenarios.

Playing with and against overloads

    1. The captain of the attacking team, ‘Marcelo’ has chosen to play the 3 attackers v 2 defenders card worth 4pts for every goal scored
    2. The defenders are released as soon as the captain of the attackers lets then know how many can go to stop the attack

Movement in attack

    3. If the attackers score they get the points for the goal and turn to attack the opposite goal using the same combination – this time against the defenders at the opposite end . The coach plays a fresh ball in
    4. When the attackers score and attack the other end the defenders move back to their starting position

Playing 1v1

    5. Now the teams have swapped and the new attacking captain ‘Harry Kane’ has decided the team need to go for maximum points so they play the 1v1 card
    6. Because only one defender has been called they need to quickly decide which one goes or the attacker will have a clean run on goal
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