Soccer coaching drill for a side foot pass

By using a soccer drill to introduce the technique for passing the ball, you are coaching your players to be able to use their bodies to get the ball moving and build attacking moves from the back.

 side foot drill

Key soccer coaching tip: Put your players into pairs and get them to pass between themselves quickly and accurately.

If your players want to be successful in soccer (football) then they probably need to be practising simple side-foot passing drills every day.

The simple pass is an essential part of a young soccer (football)  player’s armoury.

  • It’s the most accurate pass and will make sure your side holds on to the ball. Correct technique and timing takes practice.
  • Your players will probably grimace and tell you simple passing drills are boring – emphasise that it is an essential part of soccer (football) to be able to pass and control the ball, so these drills are vital for skill-building.

Tell your players to use their whole body.

  • They need to use their whole body to pass the ball properly.
  • If they’re right-footed, tell them to put their left foot out to one side of the ball and kick through the ball.
  • They should aim to make contact with the centre of the ball – this keeps it low for their team-mate to control easily.
  • Get them to use their arms for balance, keep their head still and their eyes on the ball.



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