Soccer coaching drill session to run with your U6s and U7s

Here’s a simple session plan with  you can easily run with your U6 or U7 team.

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Here’s an actual session plan to run with your team:

Soccer warm up drills for U7 session.

These should take up about 10 to 15 minutes.

1) Movement with ball for coordination

In this soccer warm up drill tell your players to:

  • Touch top of ball with sole of foot, alternate feet.
  • Roll ball back and forth with sole of foot, alternate feet.
  • Roll ball forward walking.
  • Roll ball backwards walking backwards.
  • Walk on the spot and touch top of ball with sole of foot – alternating feet.
  • Walk and touch top of ball with sole of foot in a clockwise manner.
  • Walk and touch top of ball with sole of foot in a counter clockwise manner.

2) Take five for flexibility (5 minutes)

3) Play Tag with training bibs

Give two or three of your players training bibs to hold in their hand and try to tag other players below the waist with the bib. Once tagged the player then becomes ‘it’.

4) Then try out “advanced tag” (10 minutes). 

Play Tag in game-like situations:

  • Tag with dribbling: Tell all players to dribble a ball while two or three chasers with training bibs in hand and ball at feet try to tag other players. Once tagged the new chaser takes over being ‘it’.
  • Cannonball: Get two or three players to hold a ball in their hands and chase dribbling players. Tell them to try and hit the dribbling players’ ball with a two-handed throw, if successful the dribbling player becomes another “cannonballer”.

5) Training with dribbling (10 minutes)

  • Tell your players to dribble around a grid in this soccer drill, keeping the ball close to their body, dribble into open space, keeping their heads up.
  • Tell your players when you shout “stop” they must put the sole of their foot on top of the ball. When you shout “change” they must leave their ball to run to another player’s ball and start dribbling again.

Soccer drill session for U6s and U7s

Soccer game for U6 and U7 (15 minutes)

Play 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 small-sided soccer games

  • Indoor training drills: Divide the court in half and play two games going across the gym.
  • Outdoor training drills: For outside play, use a 20m x 20m area.

Soccer warm-down drill (5 minutes)

  • Leg stretches, bend knees, stretch backs of legs.
  • Then tell your players to stand in a circle with their hands above their heads, take it in turns to call a player’s name, then run to that player, and give a high five. This continues until all the players names have been called.

Looking for more good drills

Ebooks from “Fun Soccer Games” series by Keith Boanas are fantastic resources for any coach. They allow you to prepare for training sessions instantly – no need to waste time looking for good, effective sessions that your players will love. Just pick a few and you’re done!

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