Soccer coaching session to improve dribbling and skill levels

This session is designed to improve the dribbling ability and skill level of your players through a series of technical exercises and small-sided games.

  1. Improving dribbling techniques to accelerate and change direction.
  2. Improving skills to beat defenders.
  3. Enhancing a winning mentality.

When dribbling with the ball, your players may have space and they must be able to pick up speed quickly to use this area. However, when there is little space, players must be able to demonstrate quick feet, skills and turns to get past their opponent.


How to play it

Use a 25-yard square.
The circuit includes four different techniques that should be worked on for two minutes each.

  • Complete two turns inside the square to reach the opposite side.
  • Players must complete a skill to beat the mannequin (but you could use flags or poles).
  • Players must use quick feet to go diagonally through the crazy cones.
  • Players must accelerate and change direction across the area. Four balls work at all times.

How to develop it

Use four goals and four players. Each player has three lives, if a goal is scored into a player’s goal, he loses a life. The last player standing is the winner.

You can progress this game so each player is joined by a goalkeeper (see picture three). This improves the ability to create space and shooting skills when under pressure. The game is continuous and requires lots of footballs.

If your players enjoy games like this, you can improve their footballing ability, fitness and confidence with Smart Sessions Core and Advanced Skills.

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