Soccer drill for predatory attackers

A good attacker is always on the lookout for easy goals so they must be a predator around the goal area looking for rebounds off the goalkeeper, connecting with crosses and pouncing on any loose balls that come their way. This soccer training drill is a great way to  coach this.

You need to use an area 40 x 30 yards with two goals. In the example I’ve used five outfield players and two goalkeepers.

soccer coaching circuit to get players taking advantage of goal chances

ball movement bar

Run the soccer drill

  • The starting player passes into the forward and makes a supporting run.
  • The forward sets the starting player up for a shot at goal. The forward must react and look for any rebounds.
  • Immediately after this ball has been played, the forward receives a 2nd pass from the coach and switches the play out to the crosser.
  • The forward makes a run towards the opposite goal and attempts to score from the cross.

Rotate the soccer players

  • The starting player becomes the forward.
  • The forward becomes the crosser.
  • The crosser joins the back of the line and waits to become the starting player.

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