Soccer drill tips for taking winning free kicks

Get your players to practise tactical free-kicks on the edge of the penalty area and you can pull a defence apart, says Dave Clarke.
using tactics in training drills to take a successful free kick

Organisation is key to defence and attack

Free-kicks are a major source of goals at any level of the game.

When a free-kick is given just outside the penalty area, the opposition often spends time arranging and positioning their wall while the attackers do the same. But how often do your players stand around and argue about who will take it, then tamely hit it at the wall?

Time to follow training drill routines

Teams can make excellent tactical use of the break in the game. Your attackers can get into their positions and put what you have practised in your soccer training drills into action.

You should ensure your team regularly practises all free-kicks situations during their soccer training drills. This means telling your players to practise their shooting skills around a wall and also as a group where different soccer drills are being carried out. If you do it enough times in training drills, your players will be able to use the skills in a match. And kids love trying out different moves, just like they see on the TV.

Try this drill

  1. In the diagram, the free-kick taker plays the free-kick into his team-mate who has created space by moving off the defence.
  2. Your winger breaks off the wall and makes a run behind the defence. He receives the ball from the edge of the area.
  3. Tell your winger to cross low and hard first-time into the six-yard area.
  4. Have players running in to finish the move.
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