Soccer drill to coach blocking the shot

Defenders can save goals by placing themselves between the goal and the ball. Some defenders have the ability to read the situation and will “throw” themselves in front of the ball to deflect it away from goal. The following soccer drill is a good one to get defenders blocking shots to protect the goal and working at match speed to make their reactions fast and instinctive.
Soccer drill to get defenders blocking shots on goal
Player movement and ball movement bar showing direction of player and ball

Soccer drill set up

  • Mark out an area 30 yards x 10 yards for this drill, and use two cones, three balls, one target goal and a mannequin or pole.
  • On your call, the attacker dribbles towards the mannequin and completes a skill, such as a feint or a stepover.
  • The defender runs as quickly as possible to get in front of the goal.
  • The attacker shoots once he has passed the mannequin and the defender must attempt to block the shot.

What to call out in the drill

  • React!
  • Get in line with the ball!
  • Stop the shot!


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