Soccer drill to coach volleying from different heights

When performed correctly, the volley is an explosive football skill. The quick reaction time of a player hitting a volley, combined with the ball speed, can catch defenders out. Use these soccer (football) coaching tips to get your players volleying from various heights and angles and taking defenders by surprise.

When an attacker is running into the penalty area, they can receive passes from corners or crosses at different heights. These might demand a first time volley at goal.

If players wait for the ball to come down to be controlled, it gives the defenders time to cover and block the shot. However, a first time volley will be more likely to surprise the goalkeeper and defenders, giving them little time to cover.

Soccer drill to get players volleying from different heights

Football drill for volleying skills

In this volleying football drill, you throw a ball in the air for the attacker to run onto and volley when the ball is between waist and knee height (you can vary the height to make it easier – lower – or more difficult – higher.)

You can see four different areas to throw towards in the diagram above, but you can use more or less. When players first start, a simple throw at an easy height is best.

The attacker has to:

  • Take a touch then strike at goal, or,
  • Volley the ball first time.

What you are looking for in this volley drill

  • You should vary the angle of your throw so the ball is arriving from the left or right. This means your attacker must move quickly from their position before gaining control and finishing with a shot.
  • You need to make your players aware of their own position in relation to the goal, and where the goalkeeper is standing.

Key soccer coaching tips

  • Players must look up to see the position of the goalkeeper.
  • They must watch the moving ball closely.
  • Their head must be over the ball to keep the volley down.
  • They must be alert to any rebounds off the goalkeeper.

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