Soccer drill to get attackers moving

Use the following soccer (football) drill and coaching tips to show attackers how to get the better of defenders by keeping on the move in and around the penalty area.

It’s important to show your attackers that by moving they can open up space behind the defenders to score goals. But they cannot just move anywhere.

Soccer drill to coach attackers to make crescent shaped moves to evade defenders

Key soccer coaching points

  • Sometimes it is hard for an attacker to know where to move to but if you show them the crescent-shaped moves in this soccer drill they will always have somewhere to go.
  • Moving in this way will cause defenders to leave space at the back so that the attackers can sprint into the penalty area as soon as their midfield team-mates have played a through ball.
  • Tell your attackers they should move towards their midfield in this soccer drill, then turn and circle back into the penalty area to latch onto a through pass.
  • Coach midfielders to pass into space so the attackers have something to run on to.

Soccer drill to get teams using this tactic

You can practise this soccer (football) tactic by standing on the centre circle and playing balls beyond the defenders into space behind them. Get your attackers to familiarise themselves with dragging the defenders out of the area to give themselves space to run into.

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