Soccer drill to get lone defenders delaying attack

Delaying an attack is vital when defenders are on their own at the back, waiting for reinforcements to arrive. So use this soccer drill to show your defenders how they can hold off attackers by pressuring quickly and keeping them away from goal.

Soccer drill to help defenders hold off attackers when they're stranded

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Soccer drill set up

Set up an area 30 yards x 30 yards and you need 2 goals, 4 cones with a ball between two.

How to run the soccer drill

  1. The defender passes the ball to the attacker and races out to defend.
  2. The attacker must show a disguise and try to score in one of the two goals within 5 seconds of receiving the ball.
  3. The defender must be light on his feet and stand up. Without committing himself he should try to force the attacker into a mistake and delay play.
  4. For the next attack, the players rotate positions.

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