Soccer drill to get players using the whole pitch

This soccer coaching drill uses the whole of the pitch and gets young players understanding how good, accurate passing and runs from the wide players can open up the pitch for a cross into the attack, creating lots of goal-scoring chances.

Getting players to pass the ball to each other and create passages of play that lead to openings in the opposition defence is vital to establishing a good team.

Crisp, accurate passing, combined with effective runs from the wide player and attackers, will carve out chances time after time.

You need to set up this soccer drill using half a pitch, five cones and a goal. Play the drill with nine outfield players and one goalkeeper.

soccer drill to get young players passing to wide players and opening up defence.

Player movement and ball movement bar
Run the drill

  1. The central player makes a pass out to the wide player. The wide player sets the ball back to the full back.
  2. The full back plays a pass into the centre forward. The centre forward now plays the ball down the line for the wide player to run onto.
  3. The wide player crosses for the two forwards to score.

How to rotate players in the drill

  • The central player becomes the full back.
  • The full back becomes the wide player.
  • The wide player becomes the forward on their side of the pitch.
  • The forward returns to the beginning and waits to become a central midfielder.
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