Soccer drill to get your players practising turns

Players will benefit greatly from having at least three turns in their armoury to help them withstand pressure and create space to pass, shoot or dribble. Use these soccer coaching tips and drills to show your players how…
When a player is in possession of the ball he may want to:

  • Create space for himself or…
  • Change the direction of play or…
  • Lose a closely marking defender…

One way your players can do each of the above, when on the move, is to perform a well-executed turn.

1. Inside and outside hook turn

These are two similar turns with slightly different execution.

  • Take a stride forward to reach the ball.
  • Use back foot as a brake/pivot.
  • Cut or ‘hook’ the ball back in the opposite direction using the inside or outside of the leading foot.
  • Push off from non-kicking foot to accelerate away.

2. Cruyff turn

  • Named after the legendary Dutchman Johan Cruyff who played for Ajax and Barcelona.
  • Plant non-kicking foot next to the ball.
  • Feint to pass or cross the ball with the kicking foot.
  • Turn kicking foot inward with toe down.
  • Using the inside of the kicking foot, drag the ball behind the standing leg.
  • Turn and accelerate away.

drill to coach turning with the ball

3. Stop turns

This turn can be used, for example, when attempting to keep the ball in play.

  • Run over the top of the ball.
  • Stop the ball with the sole of the foot.
  • Using the same foot, push off in the opposite direction.
  • Use the outside of the other foot to take the ball away.

4. Drag back turn

The foot stays in contact with the ball for the whole of the move.

  • Shape as if to kick the ball forward.
  • Place a foot on top of the ball.
  • Roll the ball back under/across the body with the sole of the foot in the opposite direction.
  • Accelerate away.

5. Stepover turn

  • Step over/around the ball so both feet are on the same side.
  • Use the outside of the same foot to pull the ball back in the opposite direction.
  • Accelerate away.

Key soccer coaching tips • Make players practise these turns using first their stronger foot, then their weaker foot.

• Practise all turns slowly at first.

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