Soccer drill to help players take corners

A corner taker must be able to take corners – that means you have to coach him. This is the soccer drill session I use to coach these vital skills. Try it and see what a huge difference it makes to the way your players kick the ball.

Don’t waste your time on planning carefully crafted corners if you haven’t got a player who can put the ball right into the mixer where your players expect it.

Get three players and get them to spend half an hour each week with a load of balls, practising how and where they kick the corners.

Corner drill skills

Your player must first put the ball in the correct place on the corner quadrant. A key soccer coaching tip is to have a corner flag in place so your players can see how they can get in the way. Position the ball, as the diagram shows, so your players are not hitting the flag.

Soccer drill to get players practising taking a corner effectively.


Soccer drill tips

Show your players how to use their instep and kick low down and slightly across the ball to generate lift and apply spin to the ball. They must plant the standing foot next to the ball to get maximum distance. The spin produces swerve to create an inswinging or outswinging corner. This makes it harder for the goalkeeper to cut out.

If you get your corner taker to aim at the front of the goal he will have more chance to make the corner work. At junior level it is hard to get the ball beyond the near post. If you land the ball in the middle of the goal the keeper has more chance to save it.

At the near post the defender is likely to miss a swinging ball and your players will have the chance to score.

Key soccer coaching tip: If your players struggle to make a corner work, work on kicking short corners to give them a better angle to cross.

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