Soccer drill to improve attackers passing skills

This soccer coaching session uses quick passing drills to improve the speed of play and imagination of your attackers around the penalty area.
What to think about in the soccer drill

  • For through balls and wall passes the weight of the pass is important so that it arrives in the path of the forward’s run.
  • In this soccer drill you can add one or more defenders to show how attacking passes can pull defenders apart to make space for team-mates.

soccer drill session to get attackers working on quick passing skills

What to get your players to do in this soccer drill

Soccer drill 1 – the midfielder passes into the first attacker who plays a quick one-two with the second striker and shoots at goal.

Soccer drill 2 – the midfielder passes into the first attacker who sets back to midfielder who plays a through-ball for the second attacker to score.

Soccer drill 3 – the midfielder passes into the furthest attacker who dribbles along the edge of the box then back-heels the ball for the deep striker to make a crossover run to score. Make sure players get a chance in each position.

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