Turn throw ins into goals

What I look out for at throw-ins is plenty of movement, space and options created by my other players. It is important they know how to exploit this space so that the throw-in is effective on match days, says Dave Clarke. Use these soccer coaching tips and drills to work up these skills.

Make your throw-ins tactical

1. The throw-in taker throws the ball infield to a team-mate who plays it back to the thrower with one touch.

2. The thrower controls and plays the ball back to another of his players who has come across from midfield. The defending full-back is drawn over to the thrower and attempts to close him down. Meanwhile, an attacking fullback starts his run behind his throw-in taker and behind the defence.

3. The attacking midfielder plays the ball into space behind the opposition for his fullback to run onto.


Throw in basics then tactics

Here at Better Soccer Coaching we are keen for you to get your players throwing in correctly, and there are players who find it hard to throw in without lifting their feet or going across the line. However, once you have them throwing down the line with confidence and accuracy you can teach them some tactics that can create space behind a defence.

Drill for throw-in skills

Take between seven and ten of your players and use half the soccer pitch. You can try out some variations on this soccer drill. Tell the thrower to try a give and go when he throws to his team-mate then makes a run behind the opposition fullback to receive the return pass.

Key soccer coaching tips: The thrower should focus on the quality of his throwing action.

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