Speed and agility soccer drills for young soccer players

Coaching your young players to develop speed, stamina and agility is vital to help them stand up to the rigours of a match or soccer training session. With the help of this fitness soccer drill you can build  these skills and give your players an all-round soccer education.
You can see when youngsters are running back to get goalside of attackers, that a lot of pressure is put on their bodies and their stamina levels, but regular fitness drills will help them work through training sessions and cope better in matches.

Here’s a good soccer warm-up drill for speed and agility skills.

  • Place two markers 10m apart to form a line, stand facing across the line.
  • Rotate lower body to put one foot over the line the other behind.
  • In a small, jumping action, repeated switch stance by rotating lower body to place other foot over the line.
  • Jump and rotate as fast as possible.
  • Move slowly sideways towards the far marker.

Soccer coaching drill tips

  • Repeat the soccer drill five times.
  • Rest for 90 seconds between drill repetitions.

Click here for another soccer warm-up drill covering all-round soccer skills.


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