Sprint skills test

This is a good test to give your players every month to see if they are getting fitter as the season goes on. It can also be used to identify if a particular player has worn himself out and needs a rest.

Although a sprint test is relevant for all positions, it is particularly useful to measure defenders’ skills. It reflects players’ acceleration skills for soccer over 10m and 30m

Soccer sprint tests are also handy for measuring reconditioning after rehabilitation of an injury. A good soccer coaching tip is that if a player’s sprint times are significantly slower than they were originally (by 15 per cent or more), the player should continue reconditioning rather than returning to competition.

Equipment and area

Set up cones to mark out 10m and 30m. Use a stop watch.


  1. Warm-up thoroughly before the test.
  2. Get your players to start on your count: 1, 2, 3, GO!
  3. They must sprint as quickly as possible for 30 meters. During the sprint, the time taken to cover 10 meters is recorded; the 30-meter time is also recorded.
  4. Each defender should perform three trials, taking time for a full recovery between each trial. Soccer coaching tip: make a note of the best time so you can compare it next month.

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