Successful corners – the drifter

You know the routine, we practise it every week!” – why do most teams have one idea for a corner and stick with it? Corners are a great opportunity to create scoring opportunities because you are taking an unopposed kick close to goal.

Yet teams often just cross the ball hoping to hit the right head or that the opposition makes a mistake and hands an opportunity for your team to score.

However, I like to have an outlet near to the corner taker but not an obvious one like a short corner. I get a player to drift to the edge of the box – unseen by the defenders who are covering the attacking players in the penalty area.

A well-timed run to the edge of the area provides a good option and, if the corner taker can find this player, he can then shoot or pass to a player who has been left open by the surprised defenders.

Or if the ball is played into a crowded penalty area, a simple pass out to your drifting attacker can create more space or quick passing on the edge of the area can create goalscoring opportunities.

It is a great position to receive the ball because the player is facing the goal and will usually have a lot of space in front of him to exploit.


Try and use realistic numbers for this – say three attackers against four or five defenders with a corner taker and the drifter.

Obviously your players will know what is going to happen so you cannot coach the element of surprise. Let your players work out for themselves how to play it once you have walked them through a couple of times what you want the drifter to do.

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