Sweeper game

If the communication is poor or the defenders don’t listen to their sweeper, the attackers will breakthrough into a 1v1 situation.

The set up

  1. One player on each team is nominated to be the defensive “conductor”. This player goes into the end zone and must communicate to their team mates.
  2. The game begins with the coach passing to one of the teams. The conductor provides verbal support to their team mates. “Get tight”, “someone support”, “get goal side”, “show inside” etc.
  3. If the attacking team gets past their opponent’s defence the conductor acts as sweeper in a 1v1 situation.

All players should have a turn as the conductor.

What to call out

  • “Stop forward play”
  • “Communicate”
  • “Be ready to defend 1v1”


Perfect defending key

Sweeper game - part 1

The sweeper acts as the last line of defence and coordinates the players in front of him.

Sweeper game - part 2

The sweeper correctly instructs his team mates to show the attacker inside.

Sweeper game - part 3

If an attacker breaks through, the sweeper has to step in to stop a scoring opportunity.

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