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These soccer tackling drills will show you the best methods of coaching your players to win back the ball. After all, you can’t score goals if you don’t have the ball. Tackling is a core soccer skill and the slide tackle, block tackle and poke tackle are all here. We look at the techniques involved to make sure your players tackle legally and safely. We also have games and drills to help you coach tackling more effectively.


Slide tackle soccer drill session

Your young soccer players will love practising these slide-tackle soccer drills. But make sure you tell them that usually the slide tackle is a last-resort method to stop a player with the ball advancing on goal and it buys some time for your team to reorganise in defence or regain possession of the ball. A […]

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Poke tackle soccer drill

How to coach the poke tackle

When defenders have players running at them in 1v1s, they often just need to touch the ball out from their opponent’s feet to gain control for themselves. This is a much simpler tackle to the slide or block tackle. Use the following coaching tips and soccer drill to get players working on a poke tackle. […]

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Soccer coaching drill for 1v1 skills

If your young soccer players are always losing out in 1v1s it is probably because they don’t work on these skills enough in your soccer coaching drill sessions. Use the following soccer coaching tips to get them back on the road to stardom. In your training drills, start with two equal-sized players with a single […]

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