Soccer tackling drills

Tackling drills

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Here is a selection of tackling drills and a game to help your soccer team when out of possession. Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement the tackling drills.   1. Block tackle This tackling drill emphasises the importance of getting in range before making a challenge. A poorly executed tackle... MORE

Timing tips for tackling skills

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Timing is everything when it comes to tackling but commitment is also crucial. Ask your defenders to focus on these two elements when you’re coaching tackling skills. Soccer coaching tips for tackling skills Learning to tackle is like learning to swim. Some players take to it naturally. Some players need their confidence building up to... MORE

How to coach the poke tackle

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When defenders have players running at them in 1v1s, they often just need to touch the ball out from their opponent’s feet to gain control for themselves. This is a much simpler tackle to the slide or block tackle. Use the following coaching tips and soccer drill to get players working on a poke tackle.... MORE

Steal the ball soccer warm up drill

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As a soccer coach, it’s vital that you get young players to warm up thoroughly at the beginning of a soccer training session. When you’re coaching youngsters, you need to not only get them in the right frame of mind for taking part in the coaching session, but also limit their risk of injury. Often... MORE

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